Do you have the feeling that there must be much more to life than simply getting through another day?

Do you feel stuck in patterns that are making you miserable?

My counseling approach is gentle yet powerful, based on being in the here and now, helping to dissolve any old knots that may be preventing you from living the life we all truly desire: a life where we can just relax and be ourselves.

A life filled with joy, peace, balance. A life where we feel we are active and creative participants, by simply being ourselves.

Common issues:

• Relationship problems, difficulty communicating with partner
• The feeling that life must have more to offer
• Anxiety and Stress
• You are stuck in patterns not capable of breaking
• Separation
• Being a single parent
• Communication problems with family members, relatives, children or friends / colleagues
• Crisis, deep sadness
• Missing joy in life, depression, a sense of meaninglessness
• Work-related problems
. Low self-esteem / low self-esteem

A session can involve exploring unresolved events and emotions that may need to settle, often using the Family Constellation approach in person in one of my offices in Stockholm, Sweden or online.

Family Constellation has helped me and thousands around the world with finding the courage to live life while letting go of what we may have consciously or unconsciously inherited from our families.

We often find ourselves entangled in what has happened in previous generations without even knowing it. Guilt, stress and anxiety may have been carried for years for other family members so they wouldn’t have to. The Family Constellation method helps open to a whole new world where we can let go of feelings and patterns that don’t belong to us and find out what it truly means to be ourselves: Free, loving, relaxed and at peace with life, exactly the way it was meant to be.

This approach assists in understanding something new within ourselves and our families. We realize we each carry our own destiny and were each meant to live out that destiny.

We each have an extraordinary journey to live and the time is now!

We all came here with a purpose. It is time you allowed yourself to live the life of your dreams.

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