Reclaim Your Vitality

Be Yourself Again

It's true. Life isn't always as smooth as butter. Actually, it downright sucks sometimes. 

It's also true that joy and vitality are possible in this very moment. Yes, for you too.

 And I will show you how.

As a counsellor, I can offer new perspectives and tips on how to support real change and go forward.

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Create a Passionate Love Relationship

It's easy to fall in love.

Staying together needs mindfulness

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Individual Counseling – Living & Loving Who You Are

Life's many events might leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed.
The good news is, there is a place inside that is always calm and deeply intelligent.
It's time to come back home...

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What people are saying

Jivan’s loving, open, attentive and allowing presence has been deeply supportive. She has a very soft, welcoming and delightful touch to her work, and she has supported me greatly in my process. What I also love about meeting her is that she radiates positivity, flow, and love for life! She is profoundly professional and very intuitive. In working with her, I have gained insights into my life, I have connected to my core and discovered hidden emotions and tensions, and been empowered to take the next step. I can highly recommend working with Jivan, and I want to give a big thank you to her!

– Anu, Stockholm

Osho Meditation Retreat in Amazing Crete


Join us from August 18 to 25,  2018!crete retreats

Explore 2-3 different Osho meditations per day

Dive deeper into yourself and feel more peace and presence

Swim on secluded beaches

Enjoy Cretan cuisine


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