Joy, Love and Freedom are your birthrights

A good counsellor is not someone who gives advice, but someone who helps us find our own truth. Someone who supports the good already in us.

Through meditation and quality counseling, we can get a new perspective of life’s challenges. When we can be supported to be with what is, real change happens..

As a counsellor, I help bring light and empathy to what feels like a dark and difficult situation. You are not alone in your challenges and help is here. With support, what is now considered painful or negative, can be transformed into something creative and positive.

With patience and sincerity, clients develop increased self-esteem and emotional health, less anxiety and more satisfying relationships with themselves, their partners and their families.

It is your birthright to experience joy, love & freedom, and you don’t need to find it alone.

Here I get a little more personal...

I grew up in Canada with Greek immigrant parents and moved to Stockholm, Sweden 2 1/2 years ago with Alf. Together we have been through moving to a new country and culture, bringing a child into a new relationship and serious illness. It has been quite the adventure since we met 6 years ago!

Trainings and experience

  • Certified Family Constellations Therapist from Family Constellations of North America Bert Hellinger Institute.
  • Imago Relationship Therapy Montreal
  • Inner Man - Inner Woman - Star Sapphire Energywork Training
  • Thai Yoga Massage at Lotus Palm Montreal
  • Reflexology at Lotus Palm Montreal
  • Psychic Massage Training with Sagarpriya Delong ends July 2016
  • Learning Love Training 1 with Krishnananda and Amana Trobe
  • Somatic Experiencing