Family Constellations in Stockholm

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Family Constellations in Stockholm

Our fears, anger and sadness might not even belong to us. Unconsciously, we may relive our mother’s depression and our father’s addictions.

Family Constellations is a therapeutic method that has been gaining much recognition as an effective approach for treating anxiety, fear and depression.

It has the potential to free us from painful patterns, helping us return to the natural flow of life and find our own freedom and what it means to be ourselves.

Unresolved issues in our family history affect us much more than we are aware of. Patterns and feelings from traumatic events such miscarriage, death of a parent at an early age, abortion, the exclusion of a family member, war & adoption, are often “taken on” by following generations if the feelings related to these events were kept hidden, not looked at or given a place.

Out of “blind love”, we unconsciously pick up these unresolved behaviours and feelings, preventing us from living our own lives fully and free from past entanglements. The fabric of our own life is often woven from all of these inherited feelings and beliefs.

A Family Constellation session which can be offered privately or in a group setting (see dates below) can help us bring light & clarity to difficult patterns, offering new insight, solutions, and a fresh way of looking at our family, allowing love to flow again between family members.


Address: Artillerigatan 38 near Östermalmstorg in Östermalm, Stockholm


What are Family Constellations?


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“Thank you for making it possible for me to have my constellation. It was an amazing, surprising and transformative experience. And thank you Jivan for your perfect and safe guidance.” Susanne, Stockholm