Inner Man-Inner Woman for Couples

inner man inner woman osho stockholm terapi samtalsterapi counsellingThe Inner Man-Inner Woman method gives us a greater awareness of the present and offers new perspectives on attitudes and old patterns that can limit our lives.

During a session we get in touch with our two inner polarities – which I call the active and the passive or Inner Man-Inner Woman. The way our inner polarities relate affects our inner world and our outer relationships, especially the one we have with our partner.

A frustration or anger we may have with a part of ourselves may be projected onto our partner. We may feel our partner doesn’t give us enough, when the real issue lies inside of ourselves.

An Inner Man-Inner Woman session can offer light to the darker spaces of an intimate relationship. When each partner receives an Inner Man-Inner Woman session, they individually get a glimpse of what their own inner relationship is, giving way to insight onto their outer relationship.

This helps give compassion and understanding to ourselves and our partners.

As we get to know our inner polarities, a new sense of freedom is born. We begin to understand that we are responsible for our own satisfaction, regaining strength and energy.

Blaming the other slowly subsides, making way for a more authentic and loving relationship.


Inner Man-Inner Woman for couples is offered in a package of 3 sessions:

Each partner takes an individual session of 2 hours and then the couple meets together for a final session of 2 hours.

Each session costs 2000kr and last 2-2.5 hours



The Inner Man-Inner Woman method was developed by Sagarpriya DeLong. For more on Sagarpriya, visit