Individual Counseling








You promised yourself that you wouldn’t let yourself be affected by the stresses of modern work and family life.
It happened to others, but you just wouldn’t let it happen to you. Well it happens to almost all of us!

Believe it or not, relaxation and laughter are closer than you think and I can support you in finding them again with Individual Counseling.

Do you?

  • • Wish for a better relationship
  • • Feel anxiety or stress
  • • Work too much
    • Suffer from chronic pain
    • Miss joy in life
    • Struggle with low self-esteem


It is time to take care of yourself again


Individual Counseling can help you to:

  • Feel joy in the present
  • Re-connect with your natural confidence
  • Find tools to relax when you feel stress or anxiety
  • Be more present with yourself, your kids and your partner
  • Discover joy in your work again
  • Laugh and dance a lot more!


50 min. 980 kr

1.5 hours 1750 kr

Sessions take place in a lovely space at Artillerigatan 38 in Stockholm in Östermalm.


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