Inner Man – Inner Woman Session

All good relationships begin on the inside. 

Do you ever wonder why you keep having the same relationship issues over and over again?

We often think…”I chose the wrong person and there must be someone better for me out there. And when I find this person, everything will be much better.”
Your outer relationship issue is a direct reflection of the relationship we have inside, between our inner man and inner woman.

Stars can’t shine without darkness.🌟
Our world is made of dark and light. Day and night.
Up and down.
Inner Man and Inner Woman.
The reality of these polarities, as Carl Jung shared, “as ruling principles of the psyche, has got to be recognised fully before we can even begin to speak of a new consciousness in woman or man”

This gentle yet powerful method brings forward the strengths and weaknesses of our inner couple and offers simple and practical tools we implement in our lives. parterapi stockholm samtalsterapi

During a session you will get in touch with your two inner polarities – inner polarities we can find everywhere: Day and night, light and dark, up and down.

Life’s polarities also live inside of all of us through our Inner Man and Inner Woman.

Each polarity has its own characteristics, preferences and priorities.

Our inner couple also relates to each other and this inner relationship is reflected in all aspects of our life.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • I’m having difficulty in a relationship
  • I push so hard to get something in life
  • I don’t like my job but I need the money
  • I feel like I do everything alone
  • I feel overwhelmed
  • There’s never any time to do the activities that I enjoy
  • I’m looking for more depth in life
  • I need to make an important decision
  • I feel stuck and I don’t know why
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Inner Man – Inner Woman


What exactly happens during a Star Sapphire Inner Man-Inner Woman session?

There are typically 4 steps to this type of session.
1. Short talk about relationship, work and free time/meditation
2. Energy check of the body. The client simply lies down on a mattress and rests. The therapist then touches the feet and hovers her/his hand over the client’s chakras.
3. Talk with the Inner Man and Inner Woman through each eye using a blindfold.
4. Depending on the energy check, the Inner Man and Inner Woman may be set up to sit facing each other or another Gestalt may be set up to represent you and a significant other such as you partner and parent. 
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What clients are saying…

“I had a profound and revealing experience through Jivan’s skillful guidance with “Inner Man/Inner Woman”. She guided me through a series of excersices that allowed me to discover aspects of myself that I have been neglecting for years. Deep needs and wishes from my heart that I have suppressed for a long time was able to come forth and express themselves in a clear and unobstructed way. For me this was an eye opener and a powerful message to rethink a few things about how I live my life, and ultimately to access more joy and happiness. -DW, Stockholm


Jivan is trained and certified in this method by internationally recognized therapist Sagarpriya DeLong, who has developed it for over 30 years.

The session is  facilitated in a relaxing and unique setting in Jivan’s relaxing office in Östermalm, Stockholm.

For more about Inner man and Inner woman, read Sagarpriya’s article in Osho News