Inner Man – Inner Woman Session

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This method offers greater awareness of the present and gives new perspectives on old patterns that can limit life. inner man inner woman osho stockholm terapi samtalsterapi counselling

During a session you will get in touch with your two inner polarities – which I call the active and the passive or the Inner Man and Inner Woman.

Typically, one side of us has always been favoured and the other side hasn’t.

In my case, my female side had been dominant as she was making most of the decisions in life for the last 20 years. My male side didn’t get the opportunity to do the things he liked and was in a way repressed because the female was taking all the space. She chose the job, the man and most other daily activities that she thought were more important than the male priorities and interests.

My male side was left in the dark, causing feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and fear for both of them.

In this work, we become more aware of any inner imbalance between these two polarities that can cause anxiety, loneliness and disappointment in our relationships and work life. And as we become more aware of these power struggles, we can begin to heal.

Finding balance in the two sides gives balance and joy –  we realise that in everyday life there is room to include both. We can be playful and serious, soft and firm , giving and taking.


Are you experiencing one or more of these challenges?

  • I’m having difficulty in a relationship
  • Something’s missing in my life
  • I want to change my job, or something about my job
  • I feel like I do everything alone
  • I feel overwhelmed
  • There’s never any time to do the activities that I enjoy
  • I’m looking for more depth in life
  • I need to make an important decision
  • I feel stuck and I don’t know why

In a session we will work in three important areas of your life: work, relationship, and meditation.

  • Work, when it arises from relaxation, is an expression of creativity.
  • When both your male and female sides are creative, they are happy together, and their love will be reflected in your outer relationships as well.
  • Meditation is the milieu, the relaxed watchfulness, within which creativity arises.
inner man inner woman osho stockholm terapi samtalsterapi counselling

Inner Man – Inner Woman


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What clients are saying…

“I had a profound and revealing experience through Jivan’s skillful guidance with “Inner Man/Inner Woman”. She guided me through a series of excersices that allowed me to discover aspects of myself that I have been neglecting for years. Deep needs and wishes from my heart that I have suppressed for a long time was able to come forth and express themselves in a clear and unobstructed way. For me this was an eye opener and a powerful message to rethink a few things about how I live my life, and ultimately to access more joy and happiness. -DW, Stockholm


Jivan is trained and certified in this method by internationally recognized therapist Sagarpriya DeLong, who has developed it for over 30 years.

The session is  facilitated in a relaxing and unique setting in Jivan’s relaxing office in Östermalm, Stockholm.

For more about Inner man and Inner woman, read Sagarpriya’s article in Osho News