Love & Light -A 3-day workshop with Nishant Matthews

We are so grateful that the lovely Nishant Matthews will be back in Stockholm for 3 full days from September 7th to September 9th to offer this unique workshop, Love & Light.

A chance to live, unwind, discover, and learn the ways of bringing light into yourself and supporting the love there to turn on.

Nishant’s invitation: “Come journey with me for a few days. Let go of some things you don’t need, and find out how rich you really are already. Get to know the feel and ways of the goodness inside yourself, and practice living it in a supporting atmosphere.’
There will be a Diamond transmission to take with you for all the days to come.”
Each day will include drumming, movement, discovering open space, sharing and insight talks.

September 7-9, 10 to 18:00 each day

Address: DinInsida, Stortorget 3 in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Cost: 3950 kr (plus moms for companies)

Tea and healthy snacks will be offered.

For lunch, you are welcome to discover the lovely cafés and restaurants in the neighbourhood.

For questions and booking, email
or call Jivan at 076-0455-299

About Nishant: Nishant Matthews Stockholm Osho Terapi Therapy
Nishant Matthews is an American therapist who specializes in psycho-therapy based in meditation practice. He trained in therapy skills in New York, and then lived in the Osho commune in India, where he was taught the art of meditation and how meditative awareness can be a new foundation for therapy.

For over forty years since, Nishant has offered workshops, trainings, and individual sessions with the aim of sharing skills in the art of being Present with ourselves and others.

Nishant was born in a farming community in the southern USA. He graduated from Williams College and went to Union Theological Seminary, where he received a Master’s degree in Systematic Theology in 1974.

For more about Nishant, visit

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