BLUWAVE Transformation Series with Nishant Matthews

March 1-3, 2019 in Stockholm!

We are so thrilled to announce that Nishant Matthews is returning to Stockholm to offer his wisdom, deep friendliness and clarity with his new work, Module 1: Respect, from the

BLUWAVE Transformation Series.

The Bluwave Transformation Series is for
1) coming to know your true, creative self, and
2) learning to live in connection with your spiritual support team.
This is not another training or therapy program. It is a system of transformative experiences into the light and love you carry inside. And the skills and roots to apply these insights in daily living.
In each module you will discover real resources, acquire life-saving skills for creatively participating in this time of global evolution. You will come to know your real roots (hint: not stories from the past, or old assumptions about who you are) and become close friends with the light that you are designed to carry.
At the core of all of us is a living prayer.
Here you will come to know what your personal prayer really is, and how your prayer can turn on the whole world around you.
The Bluewave series is created for where we are now: old social and psychological structures in great decay, a sense of individual isolation, a world of amazing new possibilities opening, a collective time of evolve or perish for people and most of the planet we share. For this time, we need fresh eyes, a confident discovering heart, the ability to catch light and the roots to embody and manifest that light in daily living. We need to know that we can be a big part of the solution, that the unfolding of our consciousness contributes greatly to the soul fields of our family, our friends, our fellow travelers, and even the natural world which hosts us.

Module 1
Stockholm, Sweden, March 1-3, 2019
Respect: The way we address the world determines what comes back. The same with ourselves. This module is learning the Heart which opens doors, both inner and outer, through its respect. Keywords: Heartskills, Roots, Inner Peace, Non-Violence, Co-creation

Module 2
Presence and Manifesting: Coming to know the clean, connected intelligence inside yourself, and the creative capacities of that clean, clear intelligence. You can co-create your world to reflect the love presence you know yourself to be. Keywords: Presence, Forgiveness, Roots, Divine + Personal Love, co-creation.

Module 3
Light: your ultimate Healing Resource. Wherever there is shadow, there is also light. Learning to call your light in times of trouble. Learning to be-friend the healing powers of light, and the ability of light to transform anything it touches. Real experiences with light always lift us to a fresh point of view where a new vision and new understandings are possible. Keywords: Inner light, creative light, your Light Team, the transmission of light coming through you, the light that comes from Roots. Healing. Clarity.

Module 4
Discovering your Team: While we often feel alone and separate as people, when we come to know our inner dimensions of Presence and light, we also realize we are not alone. We have a team, and we are part of a bigger team. Here life transforms into a team event, a collective movement where we are guided, supported, nourished, cared for, and uplifted through contact with our team. Keywords: Co-creation, release, empowerment, relaxation, remembering, honoring the source that brought us here.

Module 5
Stepping Forward: Sooner or later, as we discover we are part of a bigger team, and the love intelligence of that bigger team is flowing through us, we want to step forward in life, both to honor the integrity of our soul and to clear the way for others who are also part of this evolutionary times. We realize when are carrying gifts inside us, which we would like to unfold into the world, and pass on to those coming next. This is a deep realization that we have important contributions to make, and that we can share what we carry for the benefit of many people. Keywords: Flow of love, Evolutionary responsibility, Roots, teamworking, fulfillment.

These modules will be in 3 and 5 day sections, with a 7 day summer retreat part of each year’s path.
The goal is individual fulfillment and empowering a team of Bluwave representatives around the world.

Location for Module 1: Respect Workshop:
Hälsans Hus
Fjällgatan 23B
116 28 Stockholm

kl.10 to kl.17 every day

Tea, coffee and snacks will be offered during breaks.
Please bring your own lunch or enjoy Hermans, the lovely vegetarian restaurant downstairs.

3950 kr plus moms for companies

For bookings and info, contact Jivan Dios
phone: 076-0455-299

Nishant Matthews is an American therapist who specializes in psycho-therapy based in meditation practice.
He trained in therapy skills in New York, and then lived in the Osho commune in India, where he was taught the art of meditation and how meditative awareness can be a new foundation for therapy.

For over forty years since, Nishant has offered workshops, trainings, and individual sessions with the aim of sharing skills in the art of being Present with ourselves and others.

Nishant was born in a farming community in the southern USA. He graduated from Williams College and went to Union Theological Seminary, where he received a Master’s degree in Systematic Theology in 1974.