A Day of Family Constellations

Warm welcome to a day of Family Constellations with Jivan.

Family Constellations help us clear out any misunderstanding we may be carrying about our parents.

Join us to feel what is truer.

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Family Constellations with Jivan

Often, our ancestors who came before us struggled.
On some level, there’s some unrecognised trauma.
Because they may have been unable to heal their trauma, their children and/or grandchildren unknowingly inherit their pain and often unhealthy patterns.
We follow them out of blind love and loyalty.
We don’t let ourselves be happy because we would feel guilty if we would be happier than them.

Family Constellations allows us to move forward and let go of painful patterns and feelings that are not ours.
We learn to break free and move forward into our creativity, love and gifts.
We learn to be ourselves again and taste that freedom.

What are Family Constellations and what does a session look like?

Family Constellations looks at patterns in a family system.
In a session, we are usually about 10 people in a room.
Someone chooses to be a client and offers a current life issue.
This issue can be about relationships, health, work, money or just feeling stuck.
As an example, the client can be asked by the facilitator to choose one or more persons from the group to represent their family members.

The representatives then stand and feel what it’s like to be in relation to the others in the family field and connect to hidden family dynamics such as worrying.

Family Constellations supports us connecting to a bigger field than the family.
It helps us connect to field of life where creativity, love and unlimited potential lives.

During these days, we will have a full-day workshop of 2-3 Family Constellations and systemic exercises where all participants can experience something about themselves and/or their own family system.


Program is from 10 am to 5pm on Saturdays 


Sample day**

Welcome tea and snacks kl. 10

Morning program kl.10:15-13

Lunch: kl.13-14

Afternoon session: 14-16

Workshop end: kl.16

Osho Kundalini Meditation kl.16-17


***Please note that the schedule is subject to change slightly



Please note that lunch is not included.
You may bring your own or visit one of the many cafés or restaurants in the area.

Cost for individual Family Constellation: 2200 kr
Cost to join as a representative: 600 kr.

Maximum 10 participants.

Address: Artillerigatan 38, near östermalmstorg

Please contact for door code information.


Fall-Winter 2018/2019

Sunday, August 26th –12 pm to 6:30 pm 

Theme: Blended Families (Bonusfamiljen)


Saturday, September 22nd –10 am to 5 pm

Theme: Open Constellations


Saturday, November 3rd –10 am to 5pm

Theme: Our relationship to sex



For questions and bookings, please email jivan@kindfulness.se
or phone Jivan at 076-0455-299