Inner Man-Inner Woman-Meeting your inner polarities

Inner Man Inner Woman Stockholm terapi

Inner Man-Inner Woman – Meeting your inner polarities
with Jivan & Shana

Everywhere we look in life we find opposites.
Day and night. Life and death. Plus and minus.
Male and female.
These two opposites can also be found inside of us, in our
Inner Man and Inner Woman.
Each of these sides has their own characteristics, preferences and rhythms.
This is all natural and beautiful. However, most of us value one of our two sides more, causing the second side to withdraw its energy and hold back its creativity.

In this weekend retreat, we will explore both our female and male energies.
Through playful exercises and meditations, each polarity will get the opportunity to express themselves and be listened to.
When each polarity is allowed to express itself, a feeling of joyful wholeness arises.

We will meet at Yoga Kendra, a beautiful and calm space in central Malmö for a weekend of deep exploration of our inner landscape.

This work brings up the possibility to look at issues in relationships, work and personal dilemmas and transforms us in a deep, simple and profound way.

The workshop will be held mainly in English.

Please come in soft clothes that you can move freely in.
Cost for whole weekend is 2000 kr.

Last day to sign up is 8 april.
To book your spot or for questions, email Shana at

Bring your own lunch or visit one of the area’s many lovely cafés and restaurants.

You can read more about Inner man Inner woman work on

To book your spot or for questions, Jivan, 0760455299 or email

About us:
Jivan has dedicated her life to coming back to a place of presence and living from there.
This dedication has led her to study and work with Sagarpriya DeLong, the creator of the therapeutic methods Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork and Psychic Massage
In 2013 Jivan moved from her native country, Montreal, Canada, to Stockholm, Sweden. Her work in Sweden since then has been giving individual sessions and groups in Family Constellations, Imago Couples Therapy, Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork, and Psychic Massage.
Teaching how to live from presence is one of her greatest joys.

Eva Shana is an actress who after a life crises got interested in meditation and selfexploration, which opened up the door to Osho Risk Meditationcenter where the combination of meditation and theraphy really wowed her and changed her life in a deep profound way. Shana became a EU-certified Holistic councelur 2017 and gives sessions in Guided Inquiry and Inner man Inner woman Energywork. She leads meditations and groups in Skåne and also in Afroz Greece and at Ängsbacka.
The love for this work and the passion for creating possibilities for others to get to experience this healing work, is the motor that keeps her going, with ease and joy.

Very very welcome to join us this magic work!
Jivan & Shana ♥