Moumina Jeffs’ Presence and the Body’s Living Moment

Moumina Jeffs’ Presence and the Body’s Living Moment in Stockholm! FULLY BOOKED

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Moumia Jeffs

We are very excited that Moumina Jeffs will be coming to offer us this amazing weekend workshop,
Presence and the Body’s Living Moment
in Stockholm this February 9-11 2018!

About this unique workshop:

There’s a very direct route to experiencing presence: your body. Even when the mind gets lost in pain and worry, the body remains spontaneous and alive. So this workshop starts with the body. It steps right past the censorship of the critical mind and liberates a great source of vitality.
We will come into connection with a wellspring that is fresh and new moment to moment. It doesn’t require endless mental planning or a striving to find solutions which, when put into effect, don’t satisfy our being. Whether we have to deal with difficulties in our relationships or make choices affecting our work and daily life, we will discover that our body is a resource which can reveal new creative possibilities that our logical mind would have no access to.

We will do guided meditations and relaxed breathing to deepen our experience of presence in our body, and experiment with how to implement this in daily life.

This is an application of Star Sapphire Energywork, a method to support the inner essence of a person. This essence is like a presence, a luminosity, or an awareness of the present moment.
Meditation is the milieu, the relaxed watchfulness, within which this essence arises.

Moumina is the former Director of the Centre for Transformation in the Osho International Meditation Resort in India and has been leading workshops and trainings all over the world for over 30 years. She specialises in Pulsation (neo-Reichian emotional release breathwork), Neo-Reichian body type reading, Star Sapphire psychic energywork and Family Constellation therapy.
Moumina has a magical way of creating a safe atmosphere in which to express the deep-seated emotions that can lead to real transformation.

This weekend workshop will take place at a beautiful space called Din Insida in lovely Gamla Stan in the heart of Stockholm.

Workshop times:

Friday, February 9th, 2018, 18:00-21:00

Saturday, February 10th:
8:00 Dynamic Meditation
Start 10:00
Lunch: 13:30 to 15:00
Day ends: 20:00

Sunday, February 11th:
8:00 Dynamic Meditation
Start 10:00
Lunch 13:30-14:30
Day ends: 17:00

Workshop price: 2500 kr

Many healthy snacks and teas will be offered during breaks.
A light breakfast buffe will be served after Dynamic Meditation.
Please bring your own lunch or enjoy one of the many cafés or restaurants in the area during lunchtime.

This workshop is non-residential.

Spaces are limited to 25 participants.

For booking or questions, please contact Jivan at or 076-0455-299

For more about Moumina, visit