Online Couples Class: Easy Steps to Better Communication

Online Couples Class: Easy Steps to Better Communication. parterapi couples workshop

One of the most painful things in a relationship is an argument, especially the ones that we keep repeating, over and over again, with no solution in sight. It’s easy to feel stuck, hopeless, frustrated and alone, when we can’t get through to the person we love the most. We end up hurt and hurting our partner. At that moment, we just simply can’t imagine a way out of this vicious cycle.

We are here to tell you that there is a way out of this painful way of expressing and communicating. You can learn surprisingly simple ways to create easier, more loving exchanges with your partner. Intimacy and closeness happen!

In this online class, you will learn easy steps to better communication with your partner. We will be teaching some basic tools and supporting you through experiential exercises that you will practice together with your partner during this class.

Better communication skills can transform your relationship with your partner as well as everyone else you speak to!

All couples are warmly welcome. No previous couples work is needed to join this online class.

Language: English and Swedish

Cost: 650 sek per couple

Date: June 17th from 8:00pm to 9:30pm

Spaces are limited to 10 couples

To sign up for this workshop write to

This class will be lead by couples therapists Alf Galfvensjö and Jivan Dios through Zoom.

For more about Alf and Jivan, visit