OSHO Meditation Evenings in Stockholm

Join us in Stockholm for this new and exciting program of Osho Meditation Evenings in Stockholm.

During these evenings, we will be exploring various Osho Meditations such as:

-Osho Kundalini Meditation
-Osho Mandala Meditation
-Osho Gourishankar Meditation
-Osho Dynamic Meditation
-Osho Evening Meeting

Each meditation evening will begin at kl.17:30 with the OSHO meditation, followed by sharing your meditation experience.

The evening ends at kl.19


Upcoming Dates Winter 2020 coming soon!


The address is Artillerigatan 38 near Östermalmstorg.

Please contact Jivan at 0760-455-299 or jivan@kindfulness.se for more information and door code.

Cost: 100 kr

osho meditation stockholm terapi

“Meditation is rest, absolute rest, a full stop to all activity – physical, mental, emotional. When you are in such a deep rest that nothing stirs in you, when all action as such ceases – as if you are fast asleep yet awake – you come to know who you are. Suddenly the window opens. It cannot be opened by effort because effort creates tension – and tension is the cause of our whole misery. Hence this is something very fundamental to be understood that meditation is not effort.

“One has to be very playful about meditation, one has to learn to enjoy it as fun. One has not to be serious about it – be serious and you miss. One has to go into it very joyously. And one has to keep aware that it is falling into deeper and deeper rest. It is not concentration, just the contrary, it is relaxation. When you are utterly relaxed, for the first time you start feeling your reality; you come face to face with your being. When you are engaged in activity you are so occupied that you cannot see yourself. Activity creates much smoke around you, it raises much dust around you; hence all activity has to be dropped, at least for a few hours per day.” OSHO