Raw Chocolatey Coconut Goji Berry Cheesecake


Raw Chocolatey Coconut Goji Berry Cheesecake


Ok, so I’m a therapist. But I’m also an enthusiast of healthy (and always delicious) food!

And can emotional health really happen without cheesecake? I don’t think so.


Raw Chocolatey Coconut Goji Berry Cheesecake!

This cake is as good as it looks. So satisfying as a yummy treat all while you pack in a chockfull of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your body will thank you for.

Here’s the recipe:


5 dl cashews, soaked for 3 hours to overnight

2 dl goji berries, 1.5 dl soaked for at least 20 min, the other .5dl dry

1.25 dl coconut oil

1 ripe banana

3 tbsp (msk) raw honey

3-6 tbsp (msk) fresh lime juice or lemon juice

1 dl cacao butter (do not skip this ingredient!)



Yummy & Healthy Whole Goji Berries



2.5 dl sunflower seeds, soaked overnight

2.5 dl coconut flakes

1.5 dl dates, soaked to soften

2 tbsp (msk) coconut oil

1.5 tbsp raw honey

6 tbsp raw cacao powder

2 tbsp cardamom

4 tbsp coconut nectar




1 dl raw almonds

raw honey to taste

pinch of sea salt



For crust:

In a food processor, pulse the sunflower seeds until they are broken into small pieces. Add the remaining ingredients until a dough is formed. Feel free to add water to get the crust consistency you want. Check for yumminess.

Spread the yummy dough in a 22 cm (or the closest to) springform pan.


For the filling:

Put all ingredients except dry goji berries in a high speed blender until smooth. When your filling is nice and creamy, stir in dry goji berries and pour mixture in the springform pan onto the crust. You’re almost done!


For the topping:

Pulse almonds in a blender or food processor and add honey and salt.

Sprinkle mixture onto the top of the cake..and voila! Now, all you need is patience.

Place your cake in the freezer for about 5 hours or until you simply cannot wait any longer to dig in!

I would love to hear how the recipe worked for you!  xoxo