Klienternas upplevelse

Jivan’s loving, open, attentive and allowing presence has been deeply supportive. She has a very soft, welcoming and delightful touch to her work, and she has supported me greatly in my process. What I also love about meeting her is that she radiates positivity, flow, and love for life! She is profoundly professional and very intuitive. In working with her, I have gained insights into my life, I have connected to my core and discovered hidden emotions and tensions, and been empowered to take the next step. I can highly recommend working with Jivan in Stockholm, and I want to give a big thank you to her!
- Anu, Stockholm

I had a profound and revealing experience through Jivan’s skillful guidance with “Inner Man/Inner Woman”. She guided me through a series of excersices that allowed me to discover aspects of myself that I have been neglecting for years. Deep needs and wishes from my heart that I have suppressed for a long time was able to come forth and express themselves in a clear and unobstructed way. For me this was an eye opener and a powerful message to rethink a few things about how I live my life, and ultimately to access more joy and happiness. -DW, Stockholm

I enjoy her and her trust and personal experience in the inner transformation.- Kaveesha, Rome, Italy

Jivan has a very loving approach. I do recommend her to everyone in Stockholm who wants to take a deeper look at oneself. She has a strong presence that allows you to find out things about yourself you did not know before... Besides that she is just a great person! - Ann, Stockholm

Any type or therapy from a person like Jivan could be your best.- Diego, Fort Lauderdale