Inner Man-Inner Woman-Exploring your inner couple

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Inner Man-Inner Woman-Exploring your inner couple

In this 1 day event, we will be exploring the energies of our Inner Man and Inner Woman, an actual couple inside of us.
Each polarity has its own qualities, interests, priorities and ways of relating to the other.

Typically, we are only familiar with one of these polarities, leaving a whole other part of ourselves unknown.

During this event, you will get to know this unknown, hidden side of yourself.

Allowing both parts of ourselves to express offers a feeling of wholeness and freedom and transforms all relationships and work life.

Join us and give space to deeper exploration and get to know a whole other part of yourself.

Date: January 25th, 2020
Place: Häslans Hus, Fjällgatan 23B, a 10 minute walk from Slussen, Stockholm
Time: 10am to 4pm
Cost: 750 kr


Jivan Dios

Jivan has dedicated her life to coming back to a place of presence and living from there.

This dedication has led her to study and work with Sagarpriya DeLong, the creator of the therapeutic methods Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork and Psychic Massage

In 2013 Jivan moved from her native country, Montreal, Canada, to Stockholm, Sweden. Her work in Sweden since then has been giving individual sessions and groups in Family Constellations, Imago Couples Therapy, Star Sapphire Male-Female Energywork, and Psychic Massage.

Teaching how to live from presence is one of her greatest joys.

For questions and booking, contact Jivan at 0760455299