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Raw Food, Yoga & Beach Retreat in Crete

We believe that nature is the ultimate healer.

ZorbaZen House Patio Sea View

ZorbaZen House Patio Sea View

A unique retreat that combines intimate yoga classes coupled with a delicious 100% organic raw vegan cleansing diet and beach relaxation in the amazing wild and raw south coast of Crete.

The venue: Zorba Zen House, a traditional Greek Island villa nestled 300 meters above sea level, offering unparalleled views of the Mediterranean and surrounding mountains from its 3 large patios.

Each bedroom at Zorba Zen House is carefully designed as to offer relaxation and restful sleep.

Join us from May 8-15 2015!

Preveli Beach

Preveli Beach


While you leave your alarm clocks and your over-scheduled, noisy, modern lives behind, you will slip back into the natural rhythms of your body that is your birthright.

Retreat, relax, repair, renew, re-discover and replenish your most original self. We host no more than 8 guests at any given time. You will receive unparalleled attention and instruction.



Our Daily program includes:

-Customized Yoga instruction (6 mornings a week, beginners to intermediate)

-Three 100% organic and yummy Vegan Raw cleansing meals

Raw, Creative, Delicious & Nourishing Salads

Raw, Creative, Delicious & Nourishing Salads


-Wild Herb Teas

-Optional hiking in South Crete 2 times in 1 week with expert hikers

Hiking Local Trails

Hiking Local Trails








Our delicious & nourishing food offering:

We offer a 100% RAW plant-based, nutritionally balanced, alkaline diet of often locally grown fruits, sprouts, veggies, nuts and seeds prepared in simple yet delicious recipes. Our meal plan is extremely nourishing, cleansing and ultimately very satisfying. We only use spring water from the mountain of Crete.

Raw, Fresh & Wild Figs

Raw, Fresh & Wild Figs



If you need to lose weight, you can expect to shed pounds effortlessly. If you are already at your perfect weight, it will remain stable. Everyone can expect to cleanse environmental toxins, leaving you feeling light and bright.

Cleansing With Green Juice

Cleansing With Green Juice


Eco Outdoor Activities Include:

Optional daily nature walks and hikes in pristine gorges, beaches & mountains with sparkling rivers and waterfalls. Afternoons are open to rest, read, write, draw, meditate and nap.





You will love your stay here, returning to your home leaner, cleaner, lighter, brighter, stronger, rejuvenated and enthused. Use your retreat as a springboard to a healthier, greener, yogic lifestyle! This is far more than a vacation, it’s a transformation! Each retreat includes a preliminary consultation to insure your experience is personalized for maximum results and regeneration.


Your Hosts:


Jivan in Crete

Jivan in Crete

Jivan Dios

Loves little more than to take long walks on the beach and prepare healthy Raw Food. She learned a lot while having studied with Janne Larson, Scandinavia’s foremost teacher on Raw Food Cuisine.

When she’s not walking or cooking, she works as a psychotherapist in Stockholm, Sweden and in Crete.




Alf Galfvensjö

Alf Taking in the Sun

Alf Taking in the Sun


Local Secluded Beaches - Perfect for Total Relaxation

Local Secluded Beaches – Perfect for Total Relaxation

Your investment:

In your total wellbeing is 6500 SEK, 7 nights, all-inclusive except for transport.

We kindly request a 50% deposit to hold your reservation.

Sorry, no refunds if canceled 30 days or less prior to your arrival date

For more info or questions about the retreat or to reserve your spot, contact or visit


Raw Chocolatey Coconut Goji Berry Cheesecake


Raw Chocolatey Coconut Goji Berry Cheesecake


Ok, so I’m a therapist. But I’m also an enthusiast of healthy (and always delicious) food!

And can emotional health really happen without cheesecake? I don’t think so.


Raw Chocolatey Coconut Goji Berry Cheesecake!

This cake is as good as it looks. So satisfying as a yummy treat all while you pack in a chockfull of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your body will thank you for.

Here’s the recipe:


5 dl cashews, soaked for 3 hours to overnight

2 dl goji berries, 1.5 dl soaked for at least 20 min, the other .5dl dry

1.25 dl coconut oil

1 ripe banana

3 tbsp (msk) raw honey

3-6 tbsp (msk) fresh lime juice or lemon juice

1 dl cacao butter (do not skip this ingredient!)



Yummy & Healthy Whole Goji Berries



2.5 dl sunflower seeds, soaked overnight

2.5 dl coconut flakes

1.5 dl dates, soaked to soften

2 tbsp (msk) coconut oil

1.5 tbsp raw honey

6 tbsp raw cacao powder

2 tbsp cardamom

4 tbsp coconut nectar




1 dl raw almonds

raw honey to taste

pinch of sea salt



For crust:

In a food processor, pulse the sunflower seeds until they are broken into small pieces. Add the remaining ingredients until a dough is formed. Feel free to add water to get the crust consistency you want. Check for yumminess.

Spread the yummy dough in a 22 cm (or the closest to) springform pan.


For the filling:

Put all ingredients except dry goji berries in a high speed blender until smooth. When your filling is nice and creamy, stir in dry goji berries and pour mixture in the springform pan onto the crust. You’re almost done!


For the topping:

Pulse almonds in a blender or food processor and add honey and salt.

Sprinkle mixture onto the top of the cake..and voila! Now, all you need is patience.

Place your cake in the freezer for about 5 hours or until you simply cannot wait any longer to dig in!

I would love to hear how the recipe worked for you!  xoxo