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Raw Food, Yoga & Beach Retreat in Crete

We believe that nature is the ultimate healer.

ZorbaZen House Patio Sea View

ZorbaZen House Patio Sea View

A unique retreat that combines intimate yoga classes coupled with a delicious 100% organic raw vegan cleansing diet and beach relaxation in the amazing wild and raw south coast of Crete.

The venue: Zorba Zen House, a traditional Greek Island villa nestled 300 meters above sea level, offering unparalleled views of the Mediterranean and surrounding mountains from its 3 large patios.

Each bedroom at Zorba Zen House is carefully designed as to offer relaxation and restful sleep.

Join us from May 8-15 2015!

Preveli Beach

Preveli Beach


While you leave your alarm clocks and your over-scheduled, noisy, modern lives behind, you will slip back into the natural rhythms of your body that is your birthright.

Retreat, relax, repair, renew, re-discover and replenish your most original self. We host no more than 8 guests at any given time. You will receive unparalleled attention and instruction.



Our Daily program includes:

-Customized Yoga instruction (6 mornings a week, beginners to intermediate)

-Three 100% organic and yummy Vegan Raw cleansing meals

Raw, Creative, Delicious & Nourishing Salads

Raw, Creative, Delicious & Nourishing Salads


-Wild Herb Teas

-Optional hiking in South Crete 2 times in 1 week with expert hikers

Hiking Local Trails

Hiking Local Trails








Our delicious & nourishing food offering:

We offer a 100% RAW plant-based, nutritionally balanced, alkaline diet of often locally grown fruits, sprouts, veggies, nuts and seeds prepared in simple yet delicious recipes. Our meal plan is extremely nourishing, cleansing and ultimately very satisfying. We only use spring water from the mountain of Crete.

Raw, Fresh & Wild Figs

Raw, Fresh & Wild Figs



If you need to lose weight, you can expect to shed pounds effortlessly. If you are already at your perfect weight, it will remain stable. Everyone can expect to cleanse environmental toxins, leaving you feeling light and bright.

Cleansing With Green Juice

Cleansing With Green Juice


Eco Outdoor Activities Include:

Optional daily nature walks and hikes in pristine gorges, beaches & mountains with sparkling rivers and waterfalls. Afternoons are open to rest, read, write, draw, meditate and nap.





You will love your stay here, returning to your home leaner, cleaner, lighter, brighter, stronger, rejuvenated and enthused. Use your retreat as a springboard to a healthier, greener, yogic lifestyle! This is far more than a vacation, it’s a transformation! Each retreat includes a preliminary consultation to insure your experience is personalized for maximum results and regeneration.


Your Hosts:


Jivan in Crete

Jivan in Crete

Jivan Dios

Loves little more than to take long walks on the beach and prepare healthy Raw Food. She learned a lot while having studied with Janne Larson, Scandinavia’s foremost teacher on Raw Food Cuisine.

When she’s not walking or cooking, she works as a psychotherapist in Stockholm, Sweden and in Crete.




Alf Galfvensjö

Alf Taking in the Sun

Alf Taking in the Sun


Local Secluded Beaches - Perfect for Total Relaxation

Local Secluded Beaches – Perfect for Total Relaxation

Your investment:

In your total wellbeing is 6500 SEK, 7 nights, all-inclusive except for transport.

We kindly request a 50% deposit to hold your reservation.

Sorry, no refunds if canceled 30 days or less prior to your arrival date

For more info or questions about the retreat or to reserve your spot, contact or visit


Raw Chocolatey Coconut Goji Berry Cheesecake


Raw Chocolatey Coconut Goji Berry Cheesecake


Ok, so I’m a therapist. But I’m also an enthusiast of healthy (and always delicious) food!

And can emotional health really happen without cheesecake? I don’t think so.


Raw Chocolatey Coconut Goji Berry Cheesecake!

This cake is as good as it looks. So satisfying as a yummy treat all while you pack in a chockfull of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your body will thank you for.

Here’s the recipe:


5 dl cashews, soaked for 3 hours to overnight

2 dl goji berries, 1.5 dl soaked for at least 20 min, the other .5dl dry

1.25 dl coconut oil

1 ripe banana

3 tbsp (msk) raw honey

3-6 tbsp (msk) fresh lime juice or lemon juice

1 dl cacao butter (do not skip this ingredient!)



Yummy & Healthy Whole Goji Berries



2.5 dl sunflower seeds, soaked overnight

2.5 dl coconut flakes

1.5 dl dates, soaked to soften

2 tbsp (msk) coconut oil

1.5 tbsp raw honey

6 tbsp raw cacao powder

2 tbsp cardamom

4 tbsp coconut nectar




1 dl raw almonds

raw honey to taste

pinch of sea salt



For crust:

In a food processor, pulse the sunflower seeds until they are broken into small pieces. Add the remaining ingredients until a dough is formed. Feel free to add water to get the crust consistency you want. Check for yumminess.

Spread the yummy dough in a 22 cm (or the closest to) springform pan.


For the filling:

Put all ingredients except dry goji berries in a high speed blender until smooth. When your filling is nice and creamy, stir in dry goji berries and pour mixture in the springform pan onto the crust. You’re almost done!


For the topping:

Pulse almonds in a blender or food processor and add honey and salt.

Sprinkle mixture onto the top of the cake..and voila! Now, all you need is patience.

Place your cake in the freezer for about 5 hours or until you simply cannot wait any longer to dig in!

I would love to hear how the recipe worked for you!  xoxo



How Listening to My Body’s Messages Saved My Life

Jivan Dios

Jivan Dios

If I would have believed the doctors and not trusted my own body’s messages, I don’t know if I would be alive today.

My body’s messages is what saved my life.

After numerous doctors visits, I still did not feel at ease when the doctors diagnosed me with an ovarian cyst. The surgeon who was to operate on me told me I had to wait seven months to have it surgically removed.

The first doctor I saw didn’t even return my calls after a first visit because it was “nothing serious”. I told the surgeon I was in much pain, that I had to pee every 10 minutes and that my belly was growing by the week. He said, “It’s nothing to worry about. This is a normal cyst. Just relax.”

My cyst was deemed non-suspicious, but my body could not relax. Somehow, something didn’t fit. Something was keeping my body from relaxing…

I was restless. My tummy felt anxious. I couldn’t sleep. My legs wanted to move. I lay down one day and simply listened and watched every bodily sensation. I noticed breath, aches and pains. Then, a sentence came to me very strongly through my belly:

“Those doctors have no clue what’s really wrong! You cannot wait seven months for surgery! Investigate!” It was a voice so loud that I could not ignore it.

I didn’t wait another moment and made an appointment with my surgeon and out of nowhere came the following words out of my mouth: “Do you offer private surgeries outside the Canadian health care system? To my surprise, the answer was yes, for $2,750.

Some family and friends told me not to pay so much for the surgery when I could get it for free if I just waited a few months… They told me to take it easy and believe the doctors. They told me that they are the professionals and they know better than me.

My belly didn’t believe it.

Five days later and thanks to the private surgery, I received an early-stage cancer diagnosis. If I had waited seven months as the doctor recommended, the cancer would have likely spread.

I don’t know if I would be alive today. That was the best 2,750$ I ever spent, hands down!

This is not the first time my body was trying to send me important messages.

My body had been telling me for months that it wasn’t happy and that it was getting sick.

It felt nauseous and tired. But I didn’t listen. If I had, it would have told me that it wanted to live in another place. It wanted to work with something else, something meaningful. It wanted to laugh and dance.

Most importantly, my body wanted to be heard.

I just had to listen. If I had, I don’t believe I would have developed cancer.

One of the many (believe it or not) wonderful things that came with a cancer diagnosis is a new relationship with my body.

We are now best of friends. I can trust it. I know it saved my life.

I now listen to it closely because I know it has intelligence far more sophisticated than my mind.

If you have difficulty making a decision, ask your body.

When taking a moment to feeling each option, paying attention to which one makes your body’s energy go higher? That one is the right decision. This is fun, because you don’t even need to think. Just ask your body. It never lies!

But it is not always easy to listen.

Quite often while growing up, we are told to fight the body and its feelings.

Don’t tremble with fear, don’t run, don’t laugh too loudly, and don’t dance.

Eat all of your food even if you’re not hungry.

Drink coffee if you’re tired; you can’t sleep now.

Over time, this causes us to lose our connection to our bodies and ultimately our trust in them.

By losing our connection to our bodies, we lose our connection to Nature and Life itself.

Our bodies are innocent. They are primal and natural and are connected to all of Nature and the universe with its million and one happenings in every moment.

How could it not be?

As with all beings in Nature, our body works perfectly on its own without the need to think. As Osho, a great mystic, once said, the grass grows by itself…

When we are connected to our bodies and listen closely, something begins to guide us, something bigger, taking us to the next step and then the next step. This something can show up as an inner voice, a knowing or a hunch. Sometimes it can come as physical pain.

This something is what I call Life, the great mystery, always gently guiding us back to the center of it all…Love.

How and what is your body communicating to you?

I would love to hear!

This story was originally published on


Jivan Dios is a Canadian ovarian cancer survivor and therapist living and working in English, French & Greek in Stockholm, Sweden, and on the Greek island of Crete, where she leads customized holistic healing, therapy and couples retreats. She specializes in working online and in person with anxiety, depression, serious illness, fear, pain disorders, stress and obsessive thoughts. 


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you are still innocent

Do you remember when you were a little child, you felt joy simply by running free for no reason,could laugh while chasing butterflies and could play with the same toy for hours? Your belly felt totally relaxed, knowing somehow you were completely safe? When you were sad, you cried. When you were angry, you yelled and frowned.

You were innocent then. Guess what, you still are.

This innocence and simpler way of being are still inside of you and each and every one of us and can be felt at any moment, no matter what hardships you have endured. This simpler way of being cannot be taken away from you. It is essentially who you really are. You possess a wonderful inner intelligence that is based not only on your mind. This intelligence is much bigger: it comes from a knowing from your entire body. You are an amazingly intelligent and loving soul with simple needs. Your deepest wish is to live happily and playfully, with a career and relationship that makes you thrive and live your fullest potential. Sounds simple, and it can be. You just need to listen.

Transforming pain, depression, blame, unhappy relationships, chronic illness, fear and anxiety into something more beautiful than you ever imagined is not only possible, but easily within reach. With this shift, a deep inner compassion is revealed as well as a closer and deeper relationship with yourself and others. With this shift, healing happens. Life becomes more fun and creative, richer, full of wonder, love and gratitude. In fact, this is what life wants for you every day. Life is always wanting you and helping you to come back to your true nature of boundless joy and unconditional love.

Jivan is a Canadian Family Constellation Therapist living & working in English, French & Greek in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as on the island of Crete in Greece where she offers couples retreats, therapy & holistic healing.

Online Therapy is also available.


tel +46.760.455.299


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lessons from a dog: just be yourself and hug


He loves for no reason. He plays for no reason at all. He simply IS whatever he is doing. He doesn’t overthink anything.  He is open for anything and everything! He is Buster the dog. And we will be caring for him this week at our home.

I noticed yesterday that he is currently the most loved being in our home. Humans included.  When he is playing, I want to join in and hug him and kiss him and play! And so does everyone else.

I wondered why  we were much more likely to hug and kiss and play with this dog than with the human beings in our own lives?

For example, when a human friend comes through the door, I feel very happy to see her, but don’t jump on her, dance around her and tell her she is “the cutest thing ever” every time I see her.

That thought made me realize that I think that that friend would probably love the same welcome I offer the dog. And I would like that too.

At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to be welcomed with open arms, a big smile and an even bigger hug?

I notice that during such moments, I often don’t allow my natural spontaneity to come through. Buster has helped me realize that I want to play more, hug more, kiss more, and just be myself–more.

Thank you, Buster.

We are not very different from dogs. We only think we are.




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Jivan Dios is a Family Constellation therapist living and working in English, French & Greek in Stockholm, Sweden & on the island of Crete in Greece where she offers couples retreats, therapy & holistic healing.

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Feeling stressed? Read this.

It happens to all of us. We feel overwhelmed. We feel tired. We can’t focus on what we’re doing. This is what I call Stress.

You’re looking at that computer screen with a blank stare. You don’t remember ever having chopped those 2 onions. You think to yourself, “Let me just keep going”, even though something is just not feeling  right inside. You need to stop. Now. You are feeling stress.

Stress means that You are trying to tell You something and it’s time to listen.

First thing’s first. Close your eyes. Breathe. Breathe again. Look for a quiet space where you can be alone and relax, be it at work, home or (even better) outside. While siting down, feel your bum on the ground or seat. Feel how the ground or seat is supporting you.

Relax your body, or as many muscles as you can, and breathe. Ahh! Doesn’t that already feel better?

Now, let’s gently go a little deeper. Breathe through your mouth at a slow, steady pace for a few moments. Be curious about what you’re feeling. Notice any discomforts or pain in your body. Is your chest tight? Maybe your shoulders are tense. Do you have a headache?

Becoming aware of our physical sensations first can help us feel emotions we have a hard time with or didn’t even know we had.

While staying with your breath and these bodily sensations, you may begin to notice different feelings coming up. Are you feeling sad about that argument? Maybe you’re feeling angry with that colleague? You might even feel sad and are crying for no reason at all. Good. This is all very good. You are listening to and honouring yourself! This is the time to allow all of that to happen. It is actually more than ok to feel angry, sad and hurt. It’s called being human. The important thing is to take a few moments to actually feel those things and to allow it all without judgement, and not put them aside and “wait for later” cause “it’s not a good time”, and my personal favourite, “I shouldn’t feel this way”. All of these feeling are energies that need to be released, just like when you feel like dancing when you feel happy…it just needs to happen.

Energy needs to move!
Something amazing can happen when you express exactly who you are and how you really feel….You feel free and alive and You have become your own best friend. You were there for You!

Plus, you might even remember how many onions you chopped.



Jivan Dios is a therapist living and working in English, French & Greek in Stockholm, Sweden and on the island of Crete, in Greece where she offers couples retreats, therapy & holistic healing. Online Therapy is also available.


tel .+46.760.455.299


What tools do you use when you feel stressed?

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The Therapist Who Helped Me Heal: Part 1 of My Interview With Nishant Matthews

nishant smile

I met Nishant for the first time in late 2011. Since then, Nishant has been a therapist and   teacher to me. But more than both of those things, he has been a friend.

During a health challenge last year, Nishant and I met once a week. He guided me and believed in me every step of my healing journey. And I feel forever grateful. I cannot think of any moment together with him that I did not feel completely listened to and accepted.

 During this time, I often felt sad, angry, helpless and very, very afraid.  But throughout each session, Nishant gave the precious gifts of holding the space with calmness, acceptance and Presence. These gifts keep on giving today. He helped me open my heart and know that by simply Being and relaxing into the present, there is nothing we are not big enough to welcome.

 His relaxation and openness as a counsellor and human being inspire me to relax and listen to my inner voice, to dare to trust my intelligence and to know my own heart. And I remind myself of this every day.

 A few weeks ago I sat down with Nishant and we talked for awhile about being a seeker, therapy, Being and Presence and why we have trouble with Trust.

Here is the 1st of 6 parts of some of the words we exchanged. Every day this week I will publish an excerpt of our interview.

The final part will be released on Friday, October 4th, the first day of Nishant’s 4-day Presence Training right here in Stockholm.


Please tell me about your way of being a therapist, which has been such a huge help to me.


 My way of being a therapist is different than most.

 Most therapy focuses on “How can I work out the rough edges or fragmentation within my psyche so I can live a better life and be a more productive worker or husband or citizen or make more money or have a good relationship?”

 My basic training was how to acknowledge all of the roughness of the psyche just for what it is and somehow penetrate through that into a ground place where you realize, “I’m not the psyche, I’m a Being.”

 In the Osho community, where I started as a therapist, you learn to work with the psyche in a way that opens people up to the various experiences in the psyche such as fear, anger, sadness, hurt, isolation and grief.

 Feelings such as fear, anger, sadness, hurt and isolation can be doorways you can work with to get into another aspect of your consciousness we can call Being or Presence.

 This Being doesn’t have the same character of limitation of past, present or future; of being wounded , being small or being hurt as the psyche does. From this place of Being, you can realize your connection to a field of other people and a field of consciousness.

 The tradition of western psychology is based on the assumption that you are a person and this person has a mother a father and beliefs and an unconscious and a super conscious and superego and went to school and has a history.

 And in that, the self that you think you are is the manager of the bad guys within you and promotes the good guys in you. That self tries to make your parents happy and make other people happy to somehow get through a successful life. And there are different skills and tools for helping that self to manage itself.

 If you come from the meditative tradition, it’s a very different picture. From the meditative tradition, the self isn’t as fixed or solid and real as it seems.

 If you’re a meditator you realize there are 20 different selves every day, depending on what kind of stress you’re in or who you meet.

The sense of self is a manifestation of the psyche that tends to show up in certain circumstances and disappear in others.

 I have a client who’s a banker and when he goes to work he feels like he’s 45 years old and has a pretty good picture of what banking’s about.

But when he meets a difficult employee or gets a critical email from his supervisor, he has the feelings of being 8 years old and back in school again and that’s a new self.

The banker self is pushed on the shelf and this other emotional self takes over and a lot of his reactions are based on feeling like he’s 8 years old and the boss is big and he’s small.

You can ask, who’s the real self here. It just comes and goes like this all day long. And when he goes home at night to meet his wife, there is a whole other self that shows up. There is always change in this field of the psyche.

  And then in the East, the whole emphasis is on,

”What is it that doesn’t change in this field of everything changing? Is there something that really is home-based?”

If you meditate, the answer is Yes.

 There is a sense of Being that has a quality of awareness and of Presence which can accommodate being happy and can accommodate feeling sad, of being successful, all kinds of difficult experiences without collapsing into being a 4 year-old or a 15 year-old.

 The trouble with having a self is that it’s always insecure.

 If you pay much attention, which most people don’t, you always feel alone. You always feel a little bit separate.  Insecure.

The natural reaction to all of that is to try to make yourself stronger. More solid. More secure. To somehow prove to yourself that you are real and good.

And having worked with people at all different ages, some are very successful, some are moderately successful and others unsuccessful.

Nobody has been able to do anything that proves to themself that they are real and good. None of them have been able to feel secure.

It looks that way to people on the outside but it never feels that way on the inside.

Nishant Matthews is a therapist, teacher and author currently living  near Stockholm, Sweden. For contact and for more information,

4 Festive Drinks For An Alcohol-Free Party

Since I greatly reduced my alcohol consumption, I realized how much drinking  felt almost mandatory during most holidays, most of them anchored in a boozy tradition.

Since I follow a low-alcohol diet (not to mention plant-based), I usually tend to feel a little boring with my tall glass of water.

This year, I will come prepared. I will feel festive! And I would like to help you, too!

At some party events, I allow myself a tiny bit of alcohol (a little high-quality organic wine never killed anyone), but for the most part, I will be sipping on the super-yummy, alcohol-free drinks I suggest below. Pouring these drinks in beautiful glasses such as wine, Champagne or Martini makes them that much more fun.

Eat, drink and be merry!


1. Green Juice or Smoothie

Is there any better time of the year to have a yummy green juice? I think not. With your tall green drink in hand, you will look and feel better than any drunken leprechaun I’ve ever met.

It is always preferable to make your own green juice or smoothie at home, (see below for my fave) where you can save cash and select your own top quality organic  ingredients. Of course, any organic store-bought green drink will do just fine. Just make sure all ingredients are organic and that the sugar content is in check. 

St-Patrick’s Day Green Smoothie

Yield: 2 servings

   1 avocado

   1/2 banana

   1 cucumber

   a fistful of kale or romaine or spinach

   coconut water (or purified water)

   a sprinkle of cinnamon or some cacao (optional)

1. Blend ingredients in a high-powered blender.

2. Kombucha

One of my favourite party drinks, Kombucha is a probiotic, raw food that aids digestion and boosts the immune system with its enzymes and Vitamin B. With a nice fizz, it is fermented tea that tastes and feels delicious and festive. It even looks like Champagne!


Fizzy Kombucha

The Chinese have been using it for 2000 years and refer to it as ”The Tea of Immortality”. Good enough for me!

My absolute favorite flavor is anything ginger.


3. Coconut Water

coconut water

Vacation-y Coconut Water

Fresh Coconut Water (not to be confused with coconut milk) is one of the healthiest foods you can put in your body. With its elevated  electrolyte content, it is highly hydrating and contains many vitamins and minerals your body will thank you for.  Plus, it is super refreshing at a hot, irish party. I avoid canned coconut water  and make sure I buy 100% Coconut Water with no added anything. With a twist of lemon and few strawberries popped-into a martini glass, you got yourself a party!


4. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranates are low-sugar fruits rich in vitamins C, E and whole range vitamin Bs and minerals. They are alkalizing and anti-inflammatory.  Need more? They also contain lots of antioxidants and flavonoids (all the healthy stuff in red wine, without the damaging alcohol). Because of all of these amazing qualities, I drink Pomegranate juice every single day, midsummer or not. For an added festive feeling, I like to add a little pear nectar or mix it with some Kombucha. I buy 100% pomegranate juice, not from concentrate.

pomegranate juice

Pomegranate Juice

What are your favorite festive alcohol-free drink?

Would love to hear!.

Just enter your comment below

Jivan Dios is a SE Trauma and Family Constellation Therapist living in Stockholm, Sweden and on the island of Crete, in Greece.

Visit her at